Educate a child, make a life.

“For any human being, getting to know something, moving into a new area of life, learning, is always a joyful process.”
Close to 10 million children study in the government schools of Tamil Nadu. Right now, the situation is not so palatable, but we can change that. It only takes a small amount of intervention to get them inspired, educated, and skilled. With a little bit of involvement, a lot can be done.”

Currently 2,800 children from 3 schools benefit from Seashell Outreach’s government School adoption Program. Our small donation can play a BIG part in benefiting many more.

Eradication of the seemai karuvelam

The recent direction of the Madras High Court for the total eradication of this weed has brought much delight not only to the entire farming community, but also to other sections of the society.

‘Seemai karuvelam’ trees, which have a serious impact on the depleting the water sources, are found in abundance across the Tirupur district. A large number of farm workers have been rendered jobless due to the prevailing drought conditions. Seashell played a role in the eradication campaign and we decide to plant seedlings on other trees, next monsoon season.